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Renewable Energy

Forward-thinking Solutions

We're groundwork suppliers creating a sustainable future by working with major renewable initiatives and corporations, such as Anesco and British Gas. We cover everything from the preparation of solar farm installations to laying foundations and erecting battery barns. 


That’s not all. We also offer advisory and problem-solving services to get your project over the finish line, from whichever stage of the process.

Renewable energy is an answer to today’s evolving world. 

Take a look at some of our services below

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Battery storage

We lay foundations and erect barns for battery systems, which helps to store energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind or hydro. These systems also provide an independent power supply, which means it will remain available even if the grid supply fails. 


Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can help you with excavation for any pipework, either in slinky overlapping coils or horizontal runs — all with the help of our Ditch Witch.


Speak to a member of the team today about ground source heat pump installations.


Trenchless Pipes & Cables

We can lay underground cables, pipes and fibre optics at an incredible pace with our Ditch Witch mole plough. It cuts into the ground with its ultra-efficient blade — no trenches needed.


Minimum disruption, no mess and no backfill. 

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Our Ditch Witch - Getting Diggy With It!

Many of our machines are available for manned or unmanned hire also. We can be flexible of hire periods; we are very aware that projects may run over the projected timescale.

Let's work on a sustainable future together.

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