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Drainage | Laying Concrete | Site Preparation | Trenchless Pipes & Cables

Skilled in every environment

There’s no groundworks project we can’t tackle. Our highly experienced team is skilled in every environment. We use the latest technology and aged know-how to make your visions a reality, delivering on budget and on time. 


Whether it's offering fast problem-solving consultation or taking care of the whole process for you, you’re on solid ground with M Downes Aggregates.

No mess or clutter left behind. No nonsense.

Take a look at some of our services below



We provide a complete range of drainage solutions for every sort of application.


From farm yards to specialised projects like golf greens, we have the knowledge and technology to ensure the job is completed quickly, efficiently and neatly. 


Concrete Work

Not only will we lay your concrete, we'll help you measure your concrete order accurately and ensure you're making the right decisions based on your project and environment.


We use trusted suppliers across the nation.


Site Preparation

We provide a thorough site preparation service, stripping the ground of aggregates and topsoil, levelling the ground off and putting in all the necessary facilities for your team. 


A job well done needs the right decisions made from the beginning.

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Trenchless Pipes & Cables

We lay underground cables, pipes and fibre optics at an incredible pace with our Ditch Witch mole plough. It cuts into the ground with its ultra-efficient blade — no trenches needed. Minimum disruption, no mess and no backfill. 

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M Downes Earthworks built new storage areas for the UK’s largest salvage and dismantling company

Earthworks used state-of-the-art machinery and the latest groundworks technology to resurface the yards where the vehicles are stored in four-storey-high racks.

Let's get your project on the road today.

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